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              Introduction to Golf 101 »
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      A Better Course: Making Golfers Better is About Lowering Scores, Not Just Improving Swings »
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  Golf Tips Magazine
              Scoring 101: A Simple Quiz to Boost Your Course Management and Shot Selection Skills »
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 The Dead Shot
 Class Is In: A Simple Quiz on Your Golf Equipment

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           Golf Fitness Magazine
              Balancing Act
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 Arizona Traveler and Gulf Coast Golfer
              The Real Target

 Golf Coast Golfer
              "Voice of the MAPGA"...Lower Scores Through Course Management

 Monthly "Tools of the Trade" Articles in Southland Golf
 Driver Loft  
 Shaft Flex
 Length of the Shaft
 The Weight of the Shaft
 Ball Spin '101' Will Get You on the Right Track

 Southland Golfer - Dr. Golf's Prescription
              What Can Cause This?
 Aren't All Clubs Made the Same?

 Southern California PGA "The Program" Magazine
              Shared Experiences

 Chiropractice Wellness Magazine
              Balance is the Key
 Tooling Up for & During the Golden Years

           Wellness & Fitness Magazine
              Senior Golf
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 USA TODAY Newspaper Golf Tip
              Chipping Drills

 The Manila Chronicle in the Philippines
              How a Golf School Works
 More on Dr. Elwell
 More on Dr. Elwell (2)

 Weekly Golf Column in Roswell Daily Record Newspaper
              BIRDIES AND BOGEYS

 Calgary Herald in Canada
              Tip for Excellence

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              Scorecard of THE MATCH – The Day The Game of Golf Changed Forever from Mark Frost’s Book »
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              Stretching Exercises »
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   How to Build Your Ideal Set Up Position

 Learning How to SWING the Golf Club from the Beginning

 The Golf SWING, the Rhythmic Golf SWING – How to Obtain, Build, and Obtain One

 Golf SWING Changes from Harry Vardon to Jack Nicklaus
 Jerry Elwell's Skill Development Practice Sessions

 How to Play Your Best Golf

 When Your Game Falls Apart

 70 Exercises for the Home or Office

 The Playing Lesson

 Course Management

 Dr. Jerry Elwell's Course Management 101

 Jerry Elwell's "How to Play the Course Guide"

 Billy Casper's Conservative Approach to Playing Winning Golf

 A Day at a Golf Academy