C D   R O M  

 The first PGA Teacher to have an instructional CD-ROM, "The Lesson Tee", launched in 1995.

     "The Lesson Tee" Short Game brought together 3 U.S. Open winners (Johnny Miller, Billy Casper, and
     Tommy Bolt), a Canadian LPGA champion (Jackie Twamley) with myself as the instructor to provide a very 
     impressive golf-learning tool. It features hundreds of animated photos, 3 hours of instructional voice-overs,
     and 50 minutes of high quality video. Each area Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunker Play includes an
     Introduction, Fundamentals, Errors & Corrections, and Stroke Savers. Also included are a Glossary, Nostalgia,
     Test Course, along with print capabilities.

  FORE! – CD-ROM Screen Savers


  I N T E R N E T  

     Touch Shots (Putting and Bunker Play)
 Touch Shots (Chip and Pitch Shots)

 "PGA Lesson Tee" with USA TODAY
 20 Questions


  T E L E V I S I O N  

 Represented Middle Atlantic PGA on Maryland Public Television
WETA, Washington DC covering Maryland District of Columbia, and Virginia
 3-Hour Program – Interview and instructional segments along with The Spirit of Golf movie

 PGA Public Service Announcements (PSA) sports for television

 Hosted the event at Congressional Country Club and personally did 10 Full Swing & Short Shot segments


  R A D I O  

 Eleven 30 second radio spots

 Calgary Flames 66 CFR Radio in Calgary, Canada

 Golf Tips KTSA Radio in San Antonio, Texas