You really have a good eye in spotting the key to where I was

off in my putting. Thank you for yoru time in helping me —

it's unbelievable.


Jerry may know as much about the many facets of golf

instruction as anyone I have ever come in contact with.

His practical approach to instruction makes him one of the

premier teachers of the game. I consider Dr. Elwell the

consummate Professional.




I have worked with Jerry for 2 1/2 weeks and in those weeks,

I learned more about the golf swing than I had accumulated

in my 6 years as a professional golfer.







Thanks so much for pointing out that fatal flaw with my balance.

No wonder I was lackluster in my performance. Thank you for

your insight on how I could get back to that winning form I had

at the U.S.Open in 1997. You're the best.


I have rarely known anyone in the golf teaching profession

isso exacting, skilled in analogy, yet practical in his

methods of teaching. He is really dedicated to the game and

has studied and acquired an incredible knowledge of all facets

of his students'needs, including the skill of teaching "course



Wow! I had no idea how far off I was. I thought I was doing

everything right because the shots were going straight. That

is why I wanted your eyes because I was obviously feeling one

thing and doing another. Thanks for helping me get back to

putting like I did when I was a kid. You are my Coach, my

SWING guru.


Jerry is a really great teacher. He helped me overcome some

major flaws in my game that led to my 5 straight victories

in 1978.


I really appreciate you pointing where my alignment was off

as well as my head movement. You are really a great teacher.

Jerry, your Golf School is truly outstanding. Thanks for

your insight on the long bunker shot that I had never

thought about before and you are really right about how

to chip the ball. No wonder I have not been chipping well.

I wasn’t allowing the ball to truly roll at the hole like I

wanted. You sure picked out my putting problems in a



I had no idea how far off I was. No wonder my stroke

deteriorated and I couldn't make anything. I probably would

not have believed you if Billy Casper was not there and had

told me how good you are and that I should listen. I am

excited about putting again. I can see what I need to do.

Wow, thank you so much.



Jerry is a fantastic teacher. I always wondered why my

swing was not consistent from day to day. He made it so

simple for me to not only understand but apply and be

completely confident with it and trust it day in and day